Fine Art
by Aline de Leandro

Fine Art                     

Oil & acrylic on canvas.
         167 x 114 cm
         (66 x 45 inches)

 It is a cold night on a cliff high above the beach at Gallipoli.  Two souls from the Australian and Turkish sides sit by their headstones atop a damaged canon and sip hot tea while high above, the crescent moon and the Southern Cross (in honour of the Australian soldier)  shine brightly.  Their rifles; ordnance which caused their demise, are discarded in the fire.  In the calm of night they reminisce about life.  They may seem alone, but in fact, they are surrounded by their fallen brothers-in-arms, as each poppy is a testament to the blood spilled by a young man who will never grow old.  Close by, lies a cross and a crescent, earthly symbols of man's connection to Him to whom we will return at this journey's end.

Development of the painting:
Dialogue on the right hand-side of the painting in English (and translated into Turkish).