Fine Art
by Aline de Leandro

Fine Art                     

Multicultural, Friendship Print

The world as a heart symbolises love for our planet, our environment, the animals, trees and love for our fellow man that means peoples of all races, religions and nationalities.  The baby symbolises the innocence with which each of us is born, no matter where we come from, no matter what our religious beliefs and no matter what colour our skin may be.

I wanted to produce a visual concept for children and adults to remind them how beautiful and culturally diverse the human race is.  We are all basically the same except for the slight differences in facial features, the colour of our skin, the language we speak and the clothes we wear.  Although we may be of the same nationality, religion or society, every single person on this planet has his/her own individual character and is unique in their own way.

My message intends to convey the fact that we share the planet with beautiful, cute, unusual and sometimes not-so-cute animals that eat and breathe just like humans   Therefore, we have to respect each one's place amongst us.  Imagine Earth without tigers, oran utangs, pandas, rhinos, koalas, whales, jungles, flowers, spiders, etc.!

The world can be a happier and healthier place if we would respectfully communicate with each other, be tolerant and more sensitive  to peoples' needs and respect the fragility of this beautiful planet.  We are blessed with nature's abilities to put forth beautiful flowers, trees, fruits and gems of exquisite colours.  We have to make this a better world!  Love, warmth and humility start in our heart.  We must take all that outside and make this beautiful planet a kind and gentle place.
The high-quality glossy print (size: 27" x 34" or 75 x 95 cm) is accompanied by a free downloadable e-book of  educational questions & answers in 7 levels (easy to hard) relating to science, geography, environment, biology and much more.

For Australian orders:  Print is A$15.00 plus postage & handling: A$12.50 

Price for International orders:  postage  & handling is A$20.50

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A percentage from the price of each print will go to one of the following charities: 
UNICEF, IFAW, WSPA, Wires, Australian Guide Dogs, Mercy Ships, Fred Hollows Foundation.