Fine Art
by Aline de Leandro

Fine Art                     


This is my protest against the slaughter of harmless whales and dolphins by the Japanese.

 It is difficult to imagine how Japan can kill these beautiful creatures in such a barbaric way!  It is absolutely unnecessary for a country like Japan to embark on its annual cruel and horrifying whale hunt in the Southern Ocean as well as the dolphin massacre at Taiji.


Resorting to this primitive and barbaric hunt is utterly shocking especially when Japan has jumped in leaps and bounds into the electronic gadget age; the automobile age; and even the space age. 


Japan likes to portray itself as a proud country with high values and an honourable way of life.  But in this millennium is it honourable to harpoon whales for so-called research or endorse the butchery at Taiji Cove? 


If indeed this slaughter of whales were for scientific research, why do the Japanese sell the whale meat for very high prices?  One would think that by now, with all the scientific data obtained, the Japanese would have learned everything there was from all the whale samples taken.  Anyway, where is all the research material that the Japanese have obtained from all  their years of 'whale research'?!


If it is a question of satisfying the palate, then it is so simple to alter - they just need to put a more sustainable substitute on their plate.   The wealthy Japanese won't die if they don't eat whale meat.  I am sure that they do not need to be told this.  It's more likely that the mercury in the meat will cause them substantial health problems in future generations.


Whales and Dolphins are beautiful, intelligent creatures that do not belong to Japan, but to us all and we have a right to protect them. 


Humans and animals are on this planet to share this earthly experience.  The Japanese have no right to steal it !


Please note that the Faroe Islanders also annually slaughter dolphins and whales in large numbers by herding them to the shore in order to conduct the rituals for the coming of age of their young men.  People, it is 2019 not 1018 !!!